Reviewer free trial

Why doesn’t GraphicRiver introduce a “Free Friday” trial, where all authors can load one design “Reviewer Free” on the understanding if it makes no sales in a month it can then either be reviewed or removed, this a good way of the smaller sellers to build their shop without the fear of constant refusal.

  • because it reflects badly on the marketplace if there are a significant number of lower quality items

  • it would still take up storage space and resource from envato even if only for a short period

  • because (less likely on GR than TF but still possible) the download could be infected or corrupt

  • it would create issues with people stockpiling items for then rather than risking reviews another day which puts extra technical strain on envatos systems, creates problems with the front page allocation Etc.

  • most of all because if an item is good enough then it will pass regular review without needing a special considerations day


same goes when “very average” (this is an understatement) quality items are accepted and better one rejected. For the storage u are definitely right though no one knows what is working and what is not … i can tell u that , as a friend of mine mentioned, some guys have portfolios of about 2000 or 3000 items and 700 did not get any sale at all … and this is meaning much storage for nothing too …

u are also right reviewing free systems are just the open door to increased saturation of the market (when this is already difficult to get a bit exposure for new entries) and lots of people would only post the concerned day so that they can have their item approved so this would basically mount to having no reviewing at all anymore …

as for the last point u mentioned, well , this is the way it should be … sometimes reality and theory are differing indeed …