Reviewer commenting style

I have received a few code style related comments with the link to some very general guidelines.
After reading through guidelines I have done the fixes, explain in details what I have fixed and where and then I received another reply as in the screenshot.

It is not really how code reviews are done these days. One of the issue was to include .pot file for translation. Never done it before, but Ok, not a big deal to generate one. So the statement that all issues remain is not already true.

Is it possible for the reviews to mention file and line number as an example, especially if you state that (The team have invested considerable time in reviewing and providing feedback)

I doubt that 3 words feedback took more that 1 minutes of the reviewer time. And what I am supposed to do with this feedback? Can it be a discussion of what your Reviewers think is wrong? Or should I guess and there is only one possible way to write the WordPress plugins in php which I should know?

From your screenshot I can see reviewer mentioned:
All issues remain.
It means the previous issues not solved and some or all of them need to fix. So, please check double that you have fixed all issues and write the changes you have made in the field for comments for the reviewer.

My experience with the reviewer on my first theme and the last one because I will not code another one, the experience was absolutely traumatizing and stressful.

I felt all the time that I am not getting replies from a human being but some kind of A.I.

No real help was given, only copied and pasted text for sure… I had to search in forums and ask questions wherever I could to get answers because I was literally scared of the reviewer’s reaction and I would not even dare to ask a question by resubmitting the theme, this most likely would have ended up in a hard reject!

In my opinion, this type of review is toxic, yes only the best are getting things approved but a lot of potential is lost because of this, I had a few really cool ideas for future themes but no way, I will not get humiliated again by a guy who most likely has no clue how to develop a premium theme…


So the reply “All issues remain” is a professional one and that of an experienced software developer? Or there is a student that runs some scripts against my code? Then maybe it can be a good idea to share those scripts so that we could see it as well.

I wonder if someone in Google was doing a code review and replied “All issues remain” :slight_smile:

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@AmunetBiz Envato wants only the commission for his work, he doesn’t want to help you. At least that’s what I’m realizing haha