Reviewer comment: We can't approve items with obvious IP issues

Hi guys, first time be here.

I’ve tried to submit a Music App and I get the message: We can’t approve items with obvious IP issues. I really dont know why.

This is how my App look like

To make it clear, all code and design is my work from A-Z, I also do not use any image or assets which is in copyright protection.

If problem is my demo which show some music (like Adele artist etc…), I just use it to make my demo look beautiful. I’m selling the App not the music anyway.

To make sure, I was redirect all song in demo to play only this mp3 file , it is a free mp3.

Do you guys things there is other problem with IP I have?


Almost certain that pic of Burno Mars and Adele are both very much copyrighted?

You can’t use protected audio in a commercial file for free regardless of where you get it or link to

Hi thanks for your reply

It make no sense, I see many App/Template use demo like me. Because it just a demo, it no included in code or anything.

You see iTunes API provide the info like that too.

If it is a serious problem maybe i should wipe out data and start add some random text/image for demo?