Review upload my template kits...

Hi to all:

one of my template kit “Temporarily held for further review
Captura de Pantalla 2020-03-29 a la(s) 21.11.02

and my other template kit is normal
Captura de Pantalla 2020-03-29 a la(s) 22.27.06

why? please help me thank you so much…


This mean your Item is now reviewing by Another Team. In some cases, it can be held for a second opinion from a second reviewer. Hope You will get the review result email soon.

You can check here:


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Thank you so much, I understand, regards.


A ask… I error add templates (for example homepage, etc) but no blocks in template kit wordpress, do you think that give me soft rejected?

I am not sure but I can see in WordPress Template Kit Requirements:

A Template Kit must contain at least 10 templates, these can be a mixture of Page Templates and/or Block/Section/Popup/Pattern Templates. While 10 is the minimum, many Template Kits have more.

So, I think block is not mandatory for WordPress Template Kit but you can use.

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Thank you :slight_smile: