Review turnaround time increasing for Music Packs and Kits (June 2022)

Hi all.

Our Operations team has just warned about increasing review turnaround times for some Audio item types.

You can check for current information about the average wait times in all categories. The average is currently around 4 days for new items.

Currently, Music Packs have the longest turnaround time for review, but others (particularly Music Kits) have begun to increase over the past week.

The Ops team is monitoring all the review queues closely. If needed, they may implement changes to keep review times within acceptable limits. I’ll share full details here if that happens.


Acceptance of music tracks has also been increased to 6 days?


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@BenLeong what’s happening with the packs,mine is 14 days in the queue already?

15 day music pack :blush:

I was waited acceptance of music pack 9 ı am waiting for resubmission (8 day)

14 days in line :thinking: :rage:

Hi @BenLeong can you please check with the team is this normal with the packs now or should I delete it and upload it again?

@MusicDog That looks correct, unfortunately - the latest queue data here (updated 6 hours ago) has the review turnaround time for Music Packs averaging around 16 days.

I’m checking with our Ops team now, to see if they will be introducing any changes to bring review times back down - both Packs and Kits are both significantly higher than this time last week.


Ok thanks for the update

Thanks for your work, review team! You are the best)

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( JS A Non-Exclusive Envato Author)

Why not scrap the packs category, replacing with allowing customers to form their own bundle in the shopping cart, at a discounted rate? Or a tick box form, allowing a customer to select items to add to a custom bundle?
It seems very much a waste of both author time, having to prepare new previews and zips, and meet the description requirements, and reviewer time, having to meticulously check each and every item, and link, for tracks which are already live on the system.


What’s the use of tracks that are drowning in search without sales? And a bunch of “identical“ music uploaded daily for 5-10 dollars. A huge number of good works that are just drowning in the search. Why don’t Envato allow these tracks to be reloaded or do some kind of update in the search. And the simplest update is republication.

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Could not agree with you more - each time I tweak a track or re-Eq somthing I have to adjust the pack to reflect changes made. Scrap packs and allow buyers to create their own.


Absoultely agree. If you think about it, the items in packs must be made from items that are already approved. Having authors manually repackage these into a new zip, then make a new preview, with potentially dozens of items on it, then having to create a description which hyperlinks to each original item, and also having various rules about titles, is a very complicated way, and unnecessarily introduces the possibility of error, soft rejections and resubmissions. Is this the best use of both author, and reviewer time?

I’d rather be thrown a brief to make tracks that customers currently want, rather than spending time making packs.


I suppose from a buyer’s point of view, as long as they find what they want, it probably won’t concern them that there are tracks that they didn’t find? However, I totally agree that there are many identical sounding tracks.

What I’d really love to see, is some kind of incentive for authors to upload tracks which are high quality, but more niche, encouraging authors to make less “corporate” and conservative sounding tracks.

“But that’s not what our buyers want” I here you say, but in the long term, don’t we want attract a wider range of customers?


Of course we want to. And I’m not even about that many are the same. I’m more about the fact that the old ones are lost. Envato need to provide some kind of function so that, for example, old tracks are updated in the search every six months or quarter. We still spent the most precious things on them. Time.

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I totally empathise with your point, it affects me too, but maybe most buyers find what they are looking for on the front page?