Review Turnaround For CodeCanyon - .Net Category Missing

Review time page is not showing wait time for .net category.
Is there any specific reason about it?


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

This time is Probable not fixed

I have an experience.
let me explain . When HTML template review time 9 days, i have submitted a html template 18days gone but didn’t get any reply then i’m contact with someone who expert about Envato better then me, who told me no worry about that sometime it happen like held in further review. some time reviewer changed on that item serial late etc.

Envato Market Author Help Center: Here

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Hi @visionsolutions

Just I can imagine may be currently there is no item to review in .net category. Don’t worry about it. Just keep it up your work with new Item.


I re-submitted one .net item after soft rejection 10 days ago. That’s why I asked question
Thanks for your explanation.

thanks for your reply

I understand still i’m suffering that their feedback.
This is really unexpected but they have to given lot’s of item reply.

If item is soft rejected due to documentation, should It take so much time to review the re-submission?
I am still waiting for review reply about re-submission and its almost 12th day :slight_smile:


There is two thing i though! one of is no one can give guarantee item will be approved another thing is review fixed time.
its depend reviewer reply.
Your issue is small hope it will come soon