Review Turnaround AudioJungle vs Other Marketplaces

Hi, Team Envato,

I have a question about the review turnaround. Only on AJ we have review time up to 7 days. Maybe this is a bad question but I am curious about the why.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend you all,
Layla from HoneyLoud

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You mean 17, not 7? :wink: There was a time when review turnaround on VH was up to 2 months, when on AJ it was somewhere about 3-6 days, if remember correctly. Or on 23 of January 2018 it was like this:

I guess it depends on huge amount of various factors, and it’s imposiible to say wich ones play bigger part.

I said 7 because now the maximum is 6 on GraphicRiver. On VH how I know is automatic review & portfolio check, this is why is so low but on other Marketplaces, I don’t know how it works this is why I asked. :slight_smile: