Review time going up again

Recently the review time for uploaded items went up around 50% to its usual time period. Does anybody know why? Will it go down again? I understand the amount of uploaded items is huge but it is really helpful if new items get reviewed soon and in regular time frames.

Hi. Now everyone has come from summer holidays, and therefore the number of upload items has increased, respectively, the load and time check. Usually in January the time check is shorter.

Is this really a thing? I understand that elite authors who create things as a full-time job are affected from vacation. But aren’t the majority of authors small freelancers and people who do it as a hobby? They should have time especially during holiday season.

Hello @HappyMusicHappySound

You can check current review time here:

It may 3-4 days more or less based on new item traffic

Thanks :slight_smile:

If these charts are correct it is way worse that I expected. For the past few months it took around 10 days for all categories. These prognoses show more than a month for sound effects and almost a month for an ident. I am overwhelmed :open_mouth:


You can check progress from your dashboard. If you find any issue you can also open ticket

Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.