Review time can be less than month ?

On 2019 meetup we heared that Envato has a new review team and review time for stock footages will be faster.
Whats going on now ? Whay the files waits 16-20 days for review ?

Dude everyone in here is equal, just some are “more” equal then others:) i think last week they were busy by processing this “more equal” guy with his 22k items within one week. You can wait as you are “less equal” :frowning:

just checked this “more equal” portfolio and found 2 dublicates on two pages … dont have a time to check everything, but I think its another one cheater.


@steve_lam, please, can you do something with these cheaters ?
Why its allowed to them to have dublicated Items, if its prohibited on Envato in general ?

We “less equal” are waiting monthes for file submitions, while that spammers uploads tonns of dublicated Items to Envato via StockSubmitter of smth like that …
Why reviewers dont reject same Items ?