Review time and upload limit

Creating WordPress theme cost time, money and energy especially if this theme was multi purpose theme, A theme that includes over than 30 demo requires more designs more development which result in more time that can take up to one year and in case if individual author like me who work alone this is could take more than 2 years and if you are serious about creating a good theme then you need more than design and development skills which is something extremely hard if you are working alone… I am fine with all of this then why this long introduction ? Before I answer this question let me first introduce myself.
My name is Beshoy I am in this market since 2013 but I am new author I have currently 2 themes and 2 plugins all these items are created during my work with other authors so they are more experimental for me, My journey started as a supporter with elite author here who have currently over than 150,000 sale then I moved to the next step which is working as developer but this time was with other author who already have themes that are in the first page on the most selling themes I also worked with other authors who were still building their theme and their themes now picked by Envato hosted.
This is all give me a solid experience an experience that I can use to come up with a micro niche theme in a very short time so it can cover the development of other multi purpose theme and especially after Envato elements I thought of that as a new way to make usage of the micro niche themes on the far way but suddenly all of this turned to pain because even if I created a theme in one day I still have to wait over than a month to get first review then I have to wait other few weeks for soft rejection then I have to wait to the next month to withdrawal the income. All this time hurts !

I am typing this long post to let Envato knows there is unknown soldiers here there people who spend a lot of time in this market without knowing any thing about them, Delaying the review hurts a lot and what makes it worse is that new authors can’t submit more than one theme… For me I think it’s really better to disable submission for new authors than making them wait all this time without income at least you will be clear for everyone then.

Thanks for reading.