Review Teams "Arrogant"

Is review teams in Themeforest “Arrogant” ???

I actually do not want to make this post. But I just wanted to share my feel and my experience.

I took three months to create one theme that passes all test equipment (theme check, etc).

I get rejection so many times. More than four months I spent my time just for rejection. Overall I have spent 7 months just for sell one theme in here.

And until this moment, the review teams never gives instructions where is my mistake. I had begged many times to them to give me instructions where is my fault, so I can fix it (from “Message to the Reviewer”). But I only received hard rejection. I never received any instructions. This makes me very stressful. Is it too difficult to do ??? That the reason, why I ask the above question.

I asked the senior author in here, they told me to my theme should have been approved. I again asked to the senior author, which part should I fix? And they can’t answere my question, they said your theme is good.
Now, I do not know what I should do. I lost in the desert without know where to go.

And today i will re-upload my theme, and I really hope they will give me some instructions. Yes, very hopeful. Thanks.

*sorry bad english.

Can you put a link with your theme here ?
Indeed sometimes it’s frustrating. But persisting’ll succeed.
Good Luck !

Definitely share a link to the file

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If you share a demo link we can help you.

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