Review team receive old files [soft-rejected] PLZ help

Hi everyone!
plz i would from expeienced authors or intervention of help center observator if possibe & response to my problem
after 6 months of [soft-rejected] review team become receive old files & give old feedbacks for issues does not existe in updates files ( latest dev) or has been fixed ago that make me confused & stoping me for completing developement
i rename my theme from lenona hotels & spa to lenona it solutions but i don’t thin that it is the problem,
i hope that you undestand me
here the issues that repeated & has been fixed a long time before that make me suspect of receiving old content
Please resolve all warning and required messages output by the Theme Check plugin, - Anything you include within your theme must be up to the same standards as the theme itself. (You can ignore the “Zip file found.” message reported)

    Make sure all the WP default widgets display properly in all widgetized areas. You can check with monster widgets plugin.

    How to test the blog/posts layout/functionality - Import the Theme Unit Test [] file and make sure that:

  • Posts display correctly, with no apparent visual problems or errors.
  • Posts display in correct order.
  • Page navigation displays and works correctly.
  • As “sticky posts” are a core feature, the theme should style and display them appropriately.
  • Lack of body text should not adversely impact the layout.
  • Theme must incorporate both the “Tag” and the “Category” taxonomies in some manner.
  • Floats are cleared properly for floated element (thumbnail image) at the end of the post content.

Reference link:

  1. wp_reset_query - if you’re not using query_posts(), then you really shouldn’t be messing with the main $wp_query variable, as wp_reset_query() does.
    query_posts() will change your main query and is not recommended. Only use if absolutely necessary
    Try wp_reset_postdata() instead.

  2. Scripts and styles should not be hardcoded anywhere in your theme or added any other way but with wp_enqueue_* hook and to be added from the functions file. This includes custom JS/CSS.
    For inline styles use: and for scripts

plz help me & thank you in advance .

Just try to explain them politely what you think happen while sending back your file.
I’ve experienced something like this (but not after 6 months tho). Got new response from review today, looks like they receive the good file.

I figure this out because the first time I sent the theme, it was missing a screenshot.png with bunch of others issues. Fixed them and got another 2 or 3 soft rejected mail after that. But on the fourth one they asked me to fix exactly the same issue that I was having in the first mail (screenshot.png along with other issues). I’ve double-triple check and screenshot was not missing, and issues was already fixed.
Told them what I thought happen, and today all good, continuing to fix new issue!

Good luck!