Review standards seems to be gone down from reviewersat theme forest.

Review standards seems to be gone down from at theme forest. Very unprofessional designs can be seen approved on landing page of theme forest where as getting hard rejection on very good items. Seems like depends on reviewer current mood if he is happy he can approve anything and vice versa.

I am working on this marketplace since 2008 where there were only 7 to 8 thousand total items on theme forest. So i know from quite long how this market has grown and it’s becoming difficult for old authors.

The focus seems to be diverted to envato elements and other platforms which is very disappointing being an author.


Any references?

I don’t want to point out specific template here, to make someone feel bad for their design, but if you even go to the landing page and review themes and designs you can see the quality of designs of approved items.

You can send me the samples via DM.
It’s hard to say without seeing sample/examples

Sent a few from the latest items

As I replied in the DM/PM, Figma category may have lower standards compared to WordPress/HTML.
In another example, you may get the HTML template approval but it doesn’t guarantee for WordPress category as WordPress has higher standards . This could be the reason.

I just sent you from recent items. You can even find low quality design items in html category as well.

I still feel, the approval depends on the reviewer. There seems to be no cross check on reviewer approval or rejection.