Review Queue

Does Themeforest have some holidays season ? I know that in Australia is now summer … this is reason of review length? Right now for WP it’s avg 14 days … Year ago it was about 4 days … will this change or in next year it will be about month? :slight_smile: And I ask serious … it’s not some joke or rude behavior

Hi @WordicaThemes,

This is all to do with the submission volumes currently in place I believe, but additional resources are being allocated where possible to cover these volumes :slight_smile:

hm… so You need to hire much more reviewers… I see that in one day You have even few thousands new items to check but You should do something more then allocating exist resources … even in marketing section queue is now 8 days and it was always about 3 days, even a month ago.

Less than a year ago two new Themeforest reviewers (Themeforest alone, other reviewers were also hired for the other marketplaces) were introduced to the team. Introducing reviewers and getting them to learn the robes takes time and things will hopefully improve within the nearing future, but with the increased submissions by users on a daily basis I am not sure if this will happen within the next week or so.