Review Queue - Is it fair?

I noticed something today. item reviews are sorted according to their ID number. and now wordpress items IDs at the 153xxxxx but today new item approved and the item’s ID is 15705346. is it possible? Why we waiting 30 days for review? @collis


btw I’ve uploaded an item 28 days ago and still waiting for review


I am now at 30 days for first submission. I believe this is the first time it’s been this bad? hope something is done soon about it!

Two reasons I can think of that might be what’s happening here…

  1. The 153 one may have been submitted a while back, but is a resubmission.

  2. The 157 author has sold over $2m. One of the perks at that level is express reviews.

If it’s neither of those, then I’m not too sure.

I can’t share the item link but you can search the 15705346 at the TF. Author level is 4

Well there’s only a handful of 13X’s in the new items grid… most them are 15X’s, so the 13X ones are probably resubmissions. Also, keep in mind that there are multiple queues within multiple marketplace, so a Wordpress item might get reviewed before/after an After Effects item that was uploaded at the same time, for example.

I think I could not fully explain. Two items in the same category (wordpress). and I’ve uploaded before then. Because my item ID is smaller but I’m still waiting for first review.

Ah, right. Well, I’m not too sure then. Maybe the reviewers have something against you! :wink:

Best thing would be to drop a message to support, double check they’ve not missed you for whatever reason. There’s probably some valid reason, I just can’t figure out what it might be.

Hi @SpaceStockFootage
I am now at greater 30 days for submission(new item), too.
Hope you let me know and i’m still waiting for first review.
Thank you.

More than 30 days !!


28 Days and counting … Why they don’t just hire more reviewers .

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