Review Queue Changes for VideoHive & PhotoDune



Thanks for explaining it further.

So you basically ask for another quality assessment based on sales after a certain period of time, in addition to the usual review process.

This has actually been proposed a few times before, but the concerns were always that there shall be a place for high quality niche items that might gain no much sales but are irreplaceable for the right customer. The same applies to items that are coupled to specific holidays or seasons, a christmas themed stock footage will most probably not sell in June but might be a hit in december.

I’m not saying that I don’t like your idea, just that these were some of the points raised against these proposals in the past.

I think there should be a clean-up in the marketplace from time to time, deleting items that haven’t sold a single license for at least one year (better couple years), to save on storage and clean up the database. This timeframe does make sure it will not unfairly hit seasoned items but will also work in delay of at least a year.

This doesn’t help with the exploding upload numbers we are facing right now, though.


Thanks for your message and apologies for any confusion. If you have still not received an email, please open a ticket with our support team at and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks for your comments. I hear you and I understand your frustration. We are working as quickly as we can to ramp up so we can get you and other authors, back to uploading.

Approval Ratio for the last twelve months is one of the factors that we took into consideration as we made decisions about who would have access immediately, who would be delayed and who would have to submit a portfolio but it was not the only factor. We also considered a number of other factors (such as integrity/copyright).

Thank you for the suggestion. I will take this to our teams to explore. I cannot guarantee that they will make this information available but I will let them know it is something you have suggested as helpful information for authors to know.

@Creattive has responded to this post already and highlighted some of the reasons why it’s not the best metric for use. I shared it with our team lead responsible for this and we discussed it together.

We take into account a variety of factors when making these decisions. While sales are an important factor, they are not the only thing. We also need to look at volume of uploads, how many of those items are approved or rejected (and the real impact of rejecting all the items in time, resources and impact to the queues), the risk profile of an author (if they have copyright violations), etc.

I appreciate your taking the time to read through all the comments and the initial thread and proposing an alternative approach. This is really helpful and valuable to us. While it might not be the approach we take, we value this input and seriously consider these suggestions when they are presented. Thank you.

This concludes our active monitoring of this forum post. If you have more questions, please open a ticket where our friendly Author Support Team will be happy to assist.


I’ve recieved a letter five days ago, that “Stock Footage uploading is now open”, but actually “Stock footage” category still not working for me…


One week have passed and pending time have increased to 59 days.


Thank you ! It’s very important for us.


Well they stopped reviewing items, so it was bound to go up.


i dont get it…i have submitted soothing to be reviewed. i dont get the requirement for 10 links. I DONT HAVE 10 UPLOADS…


You can upload 10 files at once. Just wait 10 files to be uploaded, then upload another 10. Or open few tabs in browser. Or you can use FTP for unlimited upload.


i am from AJ, but does it matter?)
I’m curious - what period was considered to calculate this ratio?
Because when I started selling on microstock, my skills were below the required level, and I got quite a lot of rejects, from that moment they became a rare thing.So at different time intervals there were different approval/rejection ratio.And difference is huge. I belive that this situation is relevant for many VideoHive and PhotoDune authors too. it would be fair in relation to the authors to clarify some points of changes that Envato made. sorry for my english^0^


@KityukovSoundWorks please see this response to know what period was considered:


Oops, i missed it, my apologies. Thanks for reply, i hope this thing would work just as planned)


What is the difference between Photos authors and Stock Footage authors? Do they both submit images?
Sorry, for my poor English, but I cannot find it in any translation program.


For a suggestion, I am thinking of that, Why not Envato does make a licence to the authors for publishing works to maintain a professional results at the end @jamesgiroux

To make the market for the best of the best and will be distinguished from others


May i suggest a little improvement to the author section?
I do believe “pending approvals” Tab with a new page (almost the same like portfolio page with thumbnails). Would be a way better rather it is made right now in the side menu. Most of the files we make, have completely different file name than a Title which we put over to be more content oriented.
As well i do seen few authors who have videos with the same names, but uploaded with different resolution. That would be magic, if there is a need to upload 4k, and the system itself generated 1080i if the buyer is happy with lower resolution.

Thank You for attention,
I hope queue traffic after summer will calm down and everybody will be happy:)


how do I upload this file I always interrupt


What does it say in the ‘find out more’ link?


I have followed it but when I return to this page it always closes this notice and I am prevented from uploading … can you help me to remove this notice? thanks


who were in past, were not so good


hmmmm…interesting…how can i apply to be the reviewers team? :sweat_smile:


Please help, I today have found disabled Motion Graphics option in uploader tool. I have many motion graphic items done before without rejections wit lots of sales! Also i have it enabled in my NON-Exclusive account where I have only few Motion Graphics items - this is nonsense. I am Elite author with perfect rating and 10000+ sales. I think this is a mistake, what should I do? Kind Regards. I need Envato Stuff reply please.