Review process in themeforest needs good review

Recently i submited ticket in support but even this did not help, support is as always useless (if anyone from staff interesting to see how support agents behave let me know and i will show facts)

i submited this 2 question in support and it was never answered never addressed, support staff is throwing such a dummy answers that i want to cry, i have serious doubth they are even not reading my ticket

  1. reviewer is asking for: “Please include third party or premium plugins in the download or install via TGM PA as pre-packaged. Eg: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider etc.” - but my question is: why they are rejecting theme for this? I’ve included all plugins in the download folder and they still asking same, plugins is not in the theme folder, its in the download folder

2-second question is, why reviewers is not replying with text? im asking them questions during the review process and they are acting like robots, not humans, you can check my review process, none of my question during review process which is related to the theme is not answered, is this really hard to be a human???

Can someone from staff answer on this question here?

im also very dissapointed about overal logic and the method envato uses for item review, ths process itself needs impoovement and if anyone from staff wants to know why i can provide more detailed

i am suffering this proble. but why the reviewer not provide any example???