Review process in Addons category

For some time I’ve been following Photoshop Addons category and noticed to constantly approve similar or same items with different names e.g. Real Oil Paint, Premium Oil Paint and similar… anyone who has little knowledge in photoshop see that it is the same item with with a slightly different filter and some authors have dozens of such items.

Do reviewers they look at the author’s portfolio at all in this category or just approve of the items? That I am a buyer and opens the page where 90% items almost the same would not waste any more time on it and today when sales are catastrophic these are very important things.


Your thought isn’t bad but reviewer don’t have time to check each authors portfolio cause huge of item upload for review. In this case other author/staff/purchaser/envatoUsers can report as a copyright claim.

If you need any help you can get help from envato author help center for official reply.


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Ok, I agree with you in part about reviewer but there are cases where they are approved two similar items of the same author at the same time (it can be seen in the preview image that it is almost the same)… it’s not good for anyone, already now that category has lost its quality.

Asked this question because I see it on the forum that a lot of people ask for an opinion for the rejected items in other categories but for an addon category I haven’t seen anyone complain in a very long time on rejected item.