Review Process could be better without re-posting over and over

Im in the process of submitting an item, and it seems that in every soft reject/change request, the submission is totally deleted and authors have to post the item again. Leaving aside the inconvenience of this for authors, its also bad for tracking purposes:

For example after the 2nd review, reviewers seem to have naturally lost track of what changes they requested last time, and they soft-rejected the posting with a request that asks “Please include what changes were made since the last review”.

But instead, if the posted items persisted when soft-rejected, staying in the system instead of being totally deleted and needing re-posting, then the system could keep track of the review process, messages, request changes and all modifications to the soon-to-be-listing.

This would not only make review process easier for both authors and reviewers, it also would be good to track item changes and provide a continuity/log for item like a in a repository.

That was my 2 cents based on my first submission experience.

What’s really weird about the behaviour you describe is if you check your submissions history tab, you will see all previous messages (both yours and the reviewers) are all present and can be read by the reviewers anytime.

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I cant seem to find any submissions history tab in my profile.

Maybe its because this is my first submission and i dont have any submissions that were reviewed and confirmed before?

The history tab is on the item page itself just right next to the edit tab where you resubmit your item.

I was able to find the listings in ‘Hidden Items’ tab. That’s probably because i dont have Items yet, i have no Items tab.

In that, in comment details for the item, only the last comment is shown. Not the earlier 2 comments.

Oh ok. Sorry i didn’t realise these were rejected items that you resubmitted.

When your item is soft rejected it will appear in your dashboard under hidden items where you can check the history :slight_smile: