Review Please

What do you guys think about this?
give me your valuable feedback about how can I improve. Feel free to mark the mistake.

It’s not ready.

Footer elements are not aligned

The 12 December date is not aligned

Black background on days needs more room to breath

Hierarchy needs work

Happy new year font is not right nor consistent to the rest of the design

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hi, indeed, Charlie is right …
the item is far from ready to say the least …

  1. happy new year?!
    this is a calendar for the whole year , is it legitimate to write this ?! lol

  2. global design
    sorry to say just that, no offense ok?! but indeed your design is very flat , actually the problem is that your design is having almost no graphic design at this stage lol

  3. low selling potential …
    as regard to point n2, think about it, who would buy an item that any professional could redo in a less than one hour … people would save money and do on their own as they would not save time by buying this work …

  4. colors
    as for me the thing is not matching much this far … since the red and the black colors are not contrasting enough with each other …
    think about color combinations and complementary colors…

  5. hierarchy
    think about it , what u need to emphasize the most is the information that matters the most … right now days are not popping out much to say the least … all is too basic design wise so that your hierarchy is suffering a lot from this …

  6. alignments
    pay attention that ALL things are rightfully aligned indeed , this is a professional marketplace and u are expected a work in keeping with this standard … not only to get your item approved but also for the people to potentially buy it …


thanks to both of you for your valuable feedback.