Review on uploaded item

why does it take so long for an item to be reviewed. Is Envato understaffed? Its been 5 days…

hi PSD, indeed, this is not for 5 days that u’ll have to wait but rather 7 or 8 … because this is the normal reviewing time at this time … the real reason is that they have introduced self pricing before anticipating about it and that they have to soft reject all the items who have been posted when the form was not yet ready for people to set the price … which means a lot of wasted time for all … in addition, it looks like that teams are not full as they do not have so many approvals daily as of late if compared with before …

its been 9 days now…can i have a staff review this for me?

if u were only intereted in a reply from the staff? why don’t u send them a private message in the forums as this is possible now … . Plus u can still invite them with the button “invite”, u’ll save time …

i cant find the invite button sorry im still trying to get the hang of these new forums

this is the button right next to bookmark

How long did it take for your uploaded item to be reviewed?
I am in the same situation, though mine has taken 3 days still. But seeing your last reply of 9 days this made me want to ask how long it took.