Review Latest Song Please??

Please Check my new Song and review it…

Are you planning to upload this to AJ? Because I think I should warn you that it requires a lot more effort and changes or you will definitely receive a rejection. It’s best to get it right first time! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of advice here. Is this still in demo stage?

No it is fully completed. I’m interested. Please tell me why do you think that it requires more effort and needs changes? What did you hear?

I can’t cover EVERYTHING, but here are some important notes to start with:

  1. The vocal sounds like it’s recorded very cheaply, bad microphone and/or bad placement in the room. It sounds amateur, but I think it could be redeemed with some professional sounding EQ and compression to tighten it up.

  2. The rapping part is really well done, the vocals are well performed, but once again it needs to be really produced and massaged to sound professional. Vocal mixing and production techniques are ESSENTIAL with rapping

  3. The singing parts sound weak in the performance, in terms of the vocal control and pitch and vocal character.

  4. The singing parts also suffer from a lack of suitable EQ and compression and reverb etc.

I hope this helps! There are heaps of tutorials and advice on the web and on YouTube. You won’t learn how to mix and master rapping or vocals overnight, but it’s probably a good idea to just immerse yourself in it and get to learn how to make a pro-sounding vocal, and then come back and upload tracks and feel confident they will be approved. Best of luck!

Thanks so much for the input, I believe you are right, I do not massage my vocals enough. Of course I put compression & EQ, maybe I’m doing something wrong. I think it’s my DAW, Ableton Live has been getting a lot of mixed reviews and I believe to take my music to the next level, I need Logic Or Protools. Thanks anyway for your feedback, sorely cherished…

Glad you found this helpful!

No there is nothing at all wrong with Ableton, don’t blame your tools! Any DAW, especially a world-class product like Ableton Live, can provide the essentials to get a pro sound with stock EQ, reverb, and compression plugins - you don’t even need to buy third party plugins to get a decent sound. It’s not the tools that matter, it’s what you do with them!

You have a great potential with your rapping voice, so don’t give up, once you learn your techniques in the studio the sky is the limit

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+1 to what @BlueSkyAudio said.

It’s a good musical idea and the composition is fine, but the execution is quite poor. The main problems stem from the mixing and production. In addition to BlueSky’s comments, the entire track sounds very sharp and overly bright. Most of the “hiss” and “fizz” is coming from the vocals and the background noise in the recordings. I would apply some EQ to the high end and attenuate anything above 5KHz in the vocals to smooth out the sound. The synthy beep sounds at 0:52 and 2:13 need some EQ as well. The excessive high frequencies make them sound very harsh and almost painful to the ear. The rest of the track sounds acceptable though, and although it’s not a style that’s in high demand, I think with some significant work on the mixing and production it could be accepted. Aside from the production issues, it’s a nice track, so well done.

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Ok let’s see, I am going to give you two other songs to see if they sound more professional… please.


Tell me what you think…

Thank you Aurus, those were some excellent suggestion, I will definitely start EQing those highs like you said. Never thought ever about attenuating above 5KHz, but I will now, thank you sir!