Review criteria changed on videohive?

I would like to hear from a reviewer !

I have gone through a series of rejections in the past few months with the message "we see a lot of these submissions on a daily basis…, the marketplace currently contains many
animations that are very similar to the one you have submitted … "

What I have submitted are, “Corporate Logos”(4 x logos in one packs) and “Wedding titles”.

I don’t know about wedding titles, but I am pretty sure that I should have no problem get the corporate logos approved. Because I became an elite author by doing it and I “Feel” weather if it is up to the standard or not.

But now I am in a position where I can’t predict anymore, which freaks me out.

I checked the “Items we do not need list” too, but the also I don’t see anything about corporate logos being blacklisted.

Please tell us … is there any updates to the review requirements, any new guidelines we have to follow, and any new update to the “Items we do not need” list. … Please enlighten us !

And finally reviewers … Please consider that unlike the pirates on “Fiverr” ,… we genuinely create what we submit, and we spend days, weeks and sometimes months perfecting our designs before submitting … and after all that we are being robbed of our hard work by pirates all around the world 24x7 … So please, kindly think twice before you reject so easily.

Let this also be a chance to personally thank to my favorite reviewers of all time … “Palcdarms” and “Motionrevolver” … not because they approve my projects, … but because every time they reject … it was for a clear reason and almost always helped me to get better and made perfect sense.

But this new rejections, whoever makes them … only make me frustrated and hate Videohive.


welcome to the club

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Same here, don’t know what happend, but this is my first reject of the last 2 years…and the project that i made looks much better then previously works…

Be careful. If you tell the truth around here they block your post and erase it.

I just posted a similar issue and they deleted the post :confused:

I believe they are becoming to must industry like than what they were when they started. Sadly for the sellers of course.