Reverse sale after 1 month of purchase and download , never asked for support.

How does reverse sale even works , if the item was bought like 1 month ago and buyer never got in touch with me for anything, like no request for support, and didn’t request for anything. I’m like he already could have downloaded the item and used anywhere he want and now after 1 month reverse sale happens. Awesome. Like anybody can make the reverse sale requests from their payment provider. there should be something on envato’s site which protects us from this thing. as the provided product was provided with support and also it was downloaded and no reverse sale should happen in this case. after 1 month it can’t be a payment error or refusel , it’s obviously a requested refund from side of buyer.

Paypal allows up to 180 days after purchase to initiate a chargeback

…and if it’s a stolen credit card then it’s very unlikely they’d ask for support, they’d just want their money back for something they didn’t buy. One month is probably the most likely time that a stolen credit card reversal would go through… people will have got their statements and noticed the issue.

I appreciate it’s not ideal, but if somebody used your credit card or paypal to buy a bunch of stuff, and they didn’t do anything bout it… maybe you’d be on some forum saying that there should be something that protects us from this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, it’s just the way that Paypal and card companies work with their payment protection policies. There’s nothing that Envato can do to protect against this kind of thing… the payment people just take the money back with pretty much no questions asked.

It might not have been a stolen credit card, but you think they’d at least ask for a refund if the cardholder actually bought it but just wanted a refund.