Reversal of Author Fee problem?

Good day, everyone. I have a problem.
I started selling on CodeCanyon in January 2021. I have created 12 games with 70 purchases. But actually, I was reversal more than 10 times. The last time was on June 11, 2021, even though I only sell for 5$ per game. To avoid that, I uploaded the game without the c3p file. In the description, I have offered to receive the c3p file through my mail. But that was the reason why I got the game removed on Codecanyon, and the Envato team asked me to attach the c3p file on the main files. So I hope everyone can help me with the best solution to avoid getting hacked game again.
Thank you so much! I’m grateful for that.

It’s against of the Envato submission rules and your account may be disabled as well. I understand it’s frustrating but you need to find better way if to protect your own content - if the file requires PHP coding, you can integrate with Envato API to activate the game. Details are already discussed at the forum

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