Reversal after one month

My Theme was bought on 7 January 2018, today I see is auto reversal. Why auto reversal and they download theme, and no mail from theme to say that something is not OK, or to help them. Just reversal auto after one month?

How envato permit this? I understand reversal after minutes bit not after one month.

I understand if they asked for support and we don’t help, or ask refund because of any reason, but like this, after one month simple reversal…

Why we make themes? To be used as free for someone?

180 days is usually the time limit for reversals. It’s nothing to do with Envato allowing it… there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s the price we have to pay for accepting payment via credit cards, PayPal and other such providers.

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This is so stupid rule…
Because many buy theme and ask money back and use the theme.
This is it …

You’ll probably think slightly differently if you ever get your credit card stolen, and the thief goes on a spending spree.

No, but in my opinion, you can’t give money back after one month , easy like that.

  • if wasn’t downloaded, ok, is ok to give him back, but first he need to speek with author of theme.
  • and to have a limit of X days… i think is to much , the example, if someone have 10 sales and all reversal …
  • if your card was stolen, you go to bank in 1-2 hours or call and card is canceled in seconds.

Whatever… is not ew here, so i will marked as fix because is useless to comm about this.


Your first point, you seem to be getting mixed up with refunds. Refunds can be rejected… reversals can’t. Visa, Mastercard and Paypal aren’t going to implement rules on what you can and can’t reverse, based on suggestions from millions of different business across the world.

As for the other two, you’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s unlikely to change anything. You could write to Visa, Mastercard and Paypal though… see if they change their policies for you.

It may be occured by the client’s payment system. For example, if he/she opened a dispute and the payment refunded, his/her sales and deposits could be reversed.

There is more info on this in this thread. Let’s keep things in one place.