Reverb VST

Hi friends! What is your favorite reverb plugin? i want to get good reverb.i’m using presonus’ stock Open air now. i working with acoustic instruments so i need good reverb for this.

I use ValhallaDSPs plugins for just about everything. Great reverb plugins.

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Thank You!i heard about it, but necer used.Room or Shimmer?

Room covers just about everything from classic plate reverbs to enormous halls. Shimmer is a very niche reverb focusing on extremely gigantic reverbs. Think large soundscapes. But Room can also do theses gigantic reverbs. So if your only going to pick one, pick Room.

Thank you for your help!)

No problem. ValhallaDSP have free trials. So download a trial of Room and test it first. Then you’ll see if it fits your workflow or not.

Good point)Thank you!

I advice you to use native instruments rc24 / rc48. very clean and transperent sound.

I never think about RC Reverbs.But i think about Reflektor)Thank You!

Yes! I’ve used the Valhalla and Lexicon reverbs in the past, but RC24 and ->RC48<- is all you need!

Plus 1 for Valhalla

That thing can make a flute sound grand and ominous.

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Thank you guys!

I use vintageverb or ir loader with brocasti impulses. I like the result

I use Valhalla, RCs and 2c Audio.

Valhalla Room
Valhalla Vintage Verb
EMT 250 & EMT 140 (UAD)
Softube Tsar-1

and occasionally Native Lexicon Stuff and Altiverb…

My favorite is Waves H-Reverb. It has great fx and a very graphically intuitive interface that helps me do a better job of tweaking parameters. I also like Rob Papen’s RP-Verb for lush halls and orchestral uses.

I use Lexicon native pcm bundle.

If you know what you are doing probably any is good enough for general usage. For more kind of special FX people mentioned some good ones above.

I like integral Ableton Reverb. I like the quality and functionality. He’s just a good reverb.

Thank you all!