Revenue from my product

If I sell my product $10, what is my revenue?

I am exclusive author.

I read in this forum and had seen some post like “envato is corperation, don’t care hurt of small author.”. It make me a little feel bad.

I think my revenue is $2, am I right?

$2.6 in worst-case scenario for you, I can’t tell you much your earnings exactly would be as you didn’t say if you would submit a W-8 form, if so, would you provide a valid Tax ID Number with the form?
And where are you planning to upload your products? is it Graphicriver?

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I only sell in codecanyon. But now don’t have any product yet. In process of researh.

$2 is ok for me because I don’t do with marketing.

Thank you for your answer.

If you submit a W-8 form with a Tax ID Number, then your net earnings from $10 sales will be $5 for non-US sales and $4.6 for US sales.

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