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Dear Freelancer,
Greetings from Marseille, France. I am Florent, in charge of Communication for a Website in french and english language (2 separate Websites with the same data & info):
Our Website consists in mailing to kids a personalized letter on behalf of Santa Claus. Kids thanks to a form available on our site fill it out and we used to process it manually.
Today we wish to revamp our website in english and in french with an animation such as the following one:
If possible we would like more action, for example a moving sleigh, flying deers, Santa and his elves busy, etc. In the same vein, we would like to have a musical jingle with the spirit of Christmas.
We would like to set two means of payment: micro-payment and PayPal. We need to have an automatic generation of pdf for each person with address and personalization of the text thanks to the question form in english or in french.
Each client needs to have his/her own private space in order to follow his/her order and to receive an invoice. Website should be fool-proof and customers should activate their accounts via Webpage Would you please provide us with Infography of the Website, Packaging (window envelop personalized), Facebook page, Google Plus, Youtube, etc. We require that the paper of the letter to be sent to kids have a X-Mas background. We wish to merchandize X-Mas characters (Mugs, T-Shirts, Key-holders, Plushes, etc.) The site will bear a counter of days before X-Mas We need the following pages: Articles, Photo, Video We wish you to help us create an online shop, our Association will feed the gift order list. We also need you to take care on our behalf of the SEO. The website need to be https Backup of the existing site must be performed (export). We wish to reach out for toy making and selling entities, toy shops, etc. We would appreciate the possibility to insert banners, Directory of online shops which should be able to insert rebate coupons, mail a Newsletter at a cost. Prizes and Rewards for customers would be nice to have. Polls and questionnaires will be malled to parents of participating kids. We want that our business Partners may send us contents to print out and stick in the envelope. Geo-localization is a must. Our Website must be up and running under WordPress before July 2017. And it must be fast responsive to Android, tablets, smartphones, etc.
Our Website is hosted by OVH. Once all of the above is completed, our Association, depending on our budget, will ask you to personalize a video and a mailbox with a story-telling generator.
I remain at your disposal should you have further questions. Of course your input is highly valued.
Looking forward to your prompt & professional reply. Sincerely yours, Florent Kevorkian Communication Manager
Association Prod-evenement
36 rue Pierre Dupré
13006 Marseille, France Phone: +33 (0)6 84 90 74 76 email:


That’s a pretty big project and quite specialised - do you have a budget in mind?

I’d suggest looking at as that route protects you to a point and the experts are vetted by envato. Given the scale of what you are asking for this is not something to undertake without sufficient evidence that anyone know what they are doing.

Good luck


You can drop me an email via the contact form below: