Reusing The X Theme License for training and demos.

I recently purchased a full version of The X Theme. I have been sitting on it about two months because I did not want to waste an install just to practice or do a demo site. If I use X for my personal training or doing a demo to show a prospect, can I then reuse it for a different project. For instance, If I am doing my own site and after installing Theme X, I decide to completely abandon my initial choice of stacks and appearance, can I then delete everything and make a start fresh. Or, if I do a demo for a prospect and It is not what they were looking for can I change themes and then reuse X Them for a different demo?

1 license = 1 project/website so if you build your site on your domain then can adjust that site using different elements from the theme etc as you want in the future within your website environment BUT if you want to us the theme on a different website or domain then you will need to purchase a new license

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