Reuse licenses after closing a project


I created a cooming soon template based using a themeforest WordPress template. I used on different domains but not at the same time so I register the theme with the domain. deploy the website and after the “cooming soon” period. Close it.

Now after buying 5 licences of the same theme and made 5 other clients to buy the license, the author blocked the one that I recycle.

I tried to do it right, the license website don’t mention what happen if the website that was used is no longer available and if can be reused: Licenses | ThemeForest

What’s your oppinion?

According to the ThemeForest/Envato terms, you can only use one item on one end-product - the item author has rights to reject your request . It means, if you decide to not to use the item anymore, you cannot re-use it for another project, you will have to register/purchase another copy if you want to use it for different project.

That should help.

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the standar licenses policies are not clear about it and the author have a tool to deregister the license from the domains so I understood is possible to do it.

It refers as “end-product” and you can’t change/transfer the license from one “end-product” to another.

hi can you help setup my wed

What is the problem you’re having?