Reupload item with same name

If 1st item got hard rejected then is that possible can we re-upload the same item with the same name after make significent changes?

yes, you can but you have to mention about previous rejection and about your significent changes. A good idea will be go with a new title/name. Thanks

If we dont know the exact reason, may be no documentation etc.
And where we should mention the significant changes? Is in HTML description?

no, in comments for the reviewer. in Item description you have to put about the item features and details.

You’ll have been told if the rejection reason was for no documentation. If it was a standard hard rejection then it’s usually due to the item not meeting the quality standards required to be accepted. I.e. design, uniqueness, functionality etc. Although you can’t resubmit these, if you make significant changes then it’s essentially a new item… so you’re not submitting the same item, you’re submitting a new item… which is all good.

Thanks for the reply, and can you please guide me once product approved, and someone purchase the item then is envato send us any license key on any url etc? so i can store it to my db and it will verify while installation.