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I bought an image carousel and it cripples my computer when it’s running on my webpage. I can watch the OSX activity monitor jump between 60% and 100% when the page is open using this carousel plugin.

It was last updated in 2015 and the author does not respond to support questions or comments. It’s broken and I need a refund.

I initiated a return… of course no response after 5 days so I raised the dispute. Now it’s been 4 days (9 days total) and I have not heard anything from Envato about it.

I see another carousel plugin on the site I can use to replace it but I’m not going to pay for another plugin when I can’t be assured I will be refunded the author does not actively support it.

How long does it take to get a refund for a broken unsupported plugin? I’m at 9 days total now and losing confidence in buying anything ever again here.

Is the plugin that you have purchased marked as “supported” by the author?

yes… for 5 more months… Does not reply to any comments or support questions anymore tho…

Have you noticed that it’s supported up to 4.2 version (WordPress)?
I’m pretty sure you’re using 4.7.1

It’s been quite while that he hasn’t been answering any post for almost one year but you could contact Envato support and ask removal of the item to make sure the author is still active

… I formally requested a refund 10 days ago now. After no response for 5 days I *raised a dispute".

It’s been 10 days total now and I haven’t heard anything from anyone.

So that’s why I’m asking. How long should I expect to wait for a response?

10 days is ridiculous.

I don’t have confidence buying anything here if support does not respond to disputes.

Maybe they search what is wrong, so they do not refund.
That is also a case scenarion! :slight_smile:

If they did anything, I would expect some sort of contact from them in 10 days.

Envato’s only had your request for five days (3 if you exclude weekend), the other five in the hands of the unresponsive author.

Since the author is not responding to support requests, in the meantime you should inform Envato so they can investigate and take action:

I appreciate your reply baileyherbert.

I formally requested a refund via that form 10 days ago.

I read that after 5 days I can raise a dispute.

I raised a dispute to the formal refund 5 days ago.

It’s 2017, does support get the weekend off at Envato?

I can’t find any support, any phone number to call or any live chat to discuss this situation with Envato.

I guess I will be back on Tuesday to feed this post with more frustration when someone gently trolls the thread.

did you get refund now?
Beacuse same problem I am having.
Dear Team,

5 days ago I have raised refund request on my 2 items purchases but there is no response from author’s side. Below is links of my refund requests. Please check and release my payment ASAP.

Best Regards
Tj Solutions

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