Return Product

I have bought a product by mistake. Is it possible to return it?

No !
You can read envato market policy


If you haven’t downloaded the item yet, you can request a refund

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I have purchased a product from ThemeForest that does not work and have tried to contact Envato who sold that product but no reply… The product did not function on the website as promoted and expect a real person or an immediate refund…


you have to request a refund first to get a refund.

You can request a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules



The response so far is not customer friendly and the fact that the product did not work is the only reason that a refund is requested and justified… It does not work…

Do something to prove you care about the customer.

if the product has bugs then you are you are eligible to get a refund. another solution can be contact the author and ask then to fix the bugs. I believe author will assist you.

In the interests of clarity - what was the item link? When you say it did not work as in the demo - do you mean not work at all or not look the same? Etc?

I have not found any way to contact the author for the product you sold me, it is not my vendor as Envato
is who I paid for the product and they a responsible to vet and address problems. I have already replace this product with a functioning Word Press plugin so I am done with your company providing me anything.

Please have your vendor reachout to me or provide the case number you file with them regarding the return and refund.

Have You applied a request for refund?
if yes, please keep patience the author of the item has sent notification and the author will reply the refund request soon.