return product

I bought the flexyvcard product. However, I could not install because style.css is not included in the file. I created a return request to the seller. He hasn’t responded to my message for 3 hours.


I have not received a refund for a product I bought in the past few days. You will lose customers.

  1. FlexyVcard - Responsive Vcard Template by flexycodes | ThemeForest is not a WordPress theme which is why you cannot install it. While some authors may be willing to refund you, they are not necessarily obligated to do so for mistaken purchases/wrong formats etc.

  2. 3 hours is not a realistic time frame to expect a response, especially on what is still a weekend for many authors

  3. Likewise, the previous refund request depends on what the reason is, and can take several days (not including weekends)