Return policy Violation of the rights of the customer by this store after the purchase when a compan

I have a question that may be encountered by anyone in this forum if you are a developer or a buyer from this store
My question, personally, is this company for this intermediary store, how do you evade the rights of others when there is no support from the site, and it is in its legal capacity an intermediary between the customer and the developer?
It is done directly after the customer purchases. You only receive a divided bill. After that, you leave the responsibility
I, as a purchase from their store, and personally, the purchase was requested and the return was requested within an hour because a product does not agree with us at all. I do not go into the reason if any, but there are rights of the buyer that must not be violated
A number of times refunds have been requested, but no communication or discussion has taken place for any reason
We ask those who are interested in this matter to engage in a discussion in order to clarify this mistake that the broker made at the expense of the client, and perhaps this happened to many
thank you very much

For clarity - envato does not own the items for sale so item level support is between the author and the buyer.

If an author makes no attempt to offer support and the request is within the support policy Item Support Policy | ThemeForest then buyers can ask envato to step in.

Likewise if a refund request meets the requirements e.g. then envato will investigate and help approve it where possible

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