Retro Wordpress Theme

I purchased the Olegnax Retro Vintage Wordpress Theme Version 4 ( a few years ago and it’s not working properly on my site. It has since been removed and Version 5 (a whole new build) is not available for purchase just yet. The Ad Inserter plugin is no longer working with it and I was wondering if anyone here has had success with getting it to integrate together? It used to work but no longer does. My site looks ok it’s just in the backend I am unable to get Ad Inserter to load properly. Any suggestions. will be gratefully received.

The new version should be free for download for the users who purchased the item already but it seems either the item is removed by author or it’s disabled by Envato. At any case, you will need to contact the item author for the support. The issue you’re having is probably related to PHP version or WordPress compatibility, to get it fixed, you will need a theme update - seems impossible currently.

Thank you for responding. So they have totally removed Version 4 from sale and have created what they call Version 5 but as it is a whole new rebuild it is not just an update from 4 and you have to purchase 5 separately. 5 is currently not available for sale. So I can’t update 4 to the most recent version as there is nowhere to access it as it is removed from sale and I can’t purchase 5 as it is not available for purchase. I can’t get help from the developer because support is for 6 months only from purchase of product. I am trying to find where to get the theme update but nobody seems able to answer the question for me.

  1. Unfortunately getting access to updated versions once it’s been removed will be almost impossible

  2. You can contact the author regardless of support period using their profile (assuming that is still live)

They can’t do that - updated versions of the same item need to be available (unless the item is not at all accessible having been removed.

They cannot sell the same product at ThemeForest as new ( updated ) item, maybe they didn’t know the rules, that’s why the item is removed to be uploaded as new ( probably rejected )

Whatever the reason, it seems the author is not stable/honest. I suggest you to find another theme if you’re willing to get a new one

I’ve had the theme for years and it is the only one I have ever found that I liked. I have spent hours today trawling for another theme but nothing comes close. I’m just so disappointed as I really love the theme.

I’ve found that reverting to PHP 7.x will keep dated WP themes and plugins working while awaiting updates/upgrades.