Retrieve data in analytics section

Hi everyone!

Someone have experienced troubbles to retrieve data in analytics section of yours items?

It’s several time that doesn’t work and…i don’t know why.

Just for to know if it’s only my problem or it happens to someone else.

Thanks, Davide!

Months that i can´t see anything.

…oh…interesting. Maybe i’ll write to the help…Thanks!

I can’t see in chrome at all, but it works fine in Internet Explorer, try a different browser. Before anyone suggests, yes, I tried clearing caches and deleting cookies, but I still can’t see it from Chrome so I gave in and when I’m interested I just use IE.

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…incredible! It’s true!! Thank you so much!!
I’ve changed browser (usually i use firefox, i’ve tried with Safari and) it works!!
Thank you so much!!!

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