Retina ready item thumbnail and preview


Hey staff, new forum is great, but when we get a chance to upload sharp retina ready item thumbnail and preview image? It’s a bit annoying to see this blurry stuff on macbooks.


+1 for retina images… :smile:


Any news on this? We could really use an option for retina images on the listing as well or not having the markup added to do so stripped out.


This would be very nice!


Don’t You think that they got already bigger problems then Retina ready thumbnails on forum :smiley: Review time for WordPress is 1 month now :slight_smile:


I’m talking about listings and would settle for being able to add a width attribute to images so we could do it ourselves. There are many people on retina devices and growing. May not seem like a pressing issue compared to review times, but there are many quick ways to address for authors.


I know it’s quick job ,this forum is even build in RoR and I also have Retina but I won’t count it on that kind of details, for sure not now.


No plans that I’m aware of yet :smiley:


Thanks Travis, would you mind asking the powers that be about a width attribute? If we were able to add that one piece of data to images it would solve it.


Sure thing. I think they want to nail down things like https and such first, but it can’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:


Thank-you, sir!