Retina Ready Images


Can anyone tell me how to put retina ready images on my product? Currently they look blured on my phone, PC and laptop and I can’t see how to upload retina ready images for my product page (i.e thumbnail, preview etc).


To easily understand how to deal with retina devices please take a look at this tutsplus tutorial: The Right Way to Retinafy Your Websites


Thank you for the reply. I meant for codecanyon though, so the retina image displays on my product page.

The concept is the same everywhere. Some basic rules for retina design:

  • Use font icons (svg or vectors, such as FontAwesome) instead of image icons;
  • All images needs to be 2x in size for retina devices
  • Don’t use image buttons, build them via CSS



Sorry I don’t think I’m being clear. I have a product I sell on code canyon. Codecanyon says I can upload images to show off my product (I.e thumbnail 80x80 pc). All the images I upload for this look terrible on my retina displays, phones etc. How can I display images for my codecanyon product on the code canyon website and not let them have look blurred.

Ohh, I understand!

No you can’t make your 80x80 thimbnail retina ready because envato want so. You can’t add a bigger image…

Hope they can let you upload bigger images for retina devices in near future…

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As far i konw this is not possible in envato market right now, your can’t upload bigger thumbnail images to be retina ready. Same with our profile images. Only badges are SVG and retina ready they looks super sharp in retina displays.

Any likelihood of this being implemented soon across the board at Envato? I’m sure there’s a very good tech reason this hasn’t been already but it’s difficult to ignore these days. There’s a number of authors waiting to update their products until they can do it with retina previews and thumbnails.

Maybe the sizes for retina images are bigger and due the space usage it’s not possible currently? :thinking: