Resurrection of FL Studio discussion thread

This can be interesting and useful for many musicians, so let it live forward again.


And a nooby question: how to put into “edit events” window the parameters which I set on VST/VSTi manually? It seems so simple and obvious option, but I’m not even sure if this possible.


Does anybody knows?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough, so. I set at some VST/VSTi apparatus the sound I need. And then I want to work with it by automation. But when I open “edit events” window for any knob, it’s empty, and I need to catch exactly the same parameter amount again by drawing horizontal line in that window - it’s sooo hemorrous!

Isn’t there some way to make it easier?


Move the knob you want to automate, then go to the VST plugin options menu (top left arrow on VST), then select ‘last tweaked parameter’ and then choose ‘create automation clip’ - an automation clip will appear on your timeline where you can then edit the events.

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I see it works! I forgot about automation clips in the playlist :smiley: , always preferring to draw events within pianoroll to syncronize. If the same option was for “Edit events” window!

Big thanks digitalscience, much helpful!

Yeh automation clips are the way to go!

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I stopped using edit events as it tends to conflict with some of my plug-ins. Automation is more reliable and easy to reach

I didn’t notice that. If I remember, I started to avoid clips because a bunch of parallel ones so clog the playlist (some synths have more than hundred automatizeable knobs). And the several pianoroll midi lines all at one pattern look messy in the playlist, not so useful to syncronize as in separated window.

Perhaps time to change the habits :smile:

Here’s a tip that I did not know about FL until recently;

You know when you’re just playing through your track, jamming along on your MIDI controller and then like “oh SNAP that sounded GOOD. I wish I recorded that!”. Then just go Tools - Dump score log to selected pattern. :slight_smile:

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