Resumbition takes more than 2 days is it ok?

I have resubmited my soft rejected item and usually resubmition takes only a day for me is it ok in this case?

This should help you out: :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes re-submission takes more than 2 days and sometimes within an hour …

hi, dont really understanding… can you explain when / why it will take an hour or more than 2 days ?

weekends: 2 days, workdays: couple hours.

Or in other words: Reviewers currently working: less time. Reviewer not working: More time.

And yes, sometimes reviewers are not working on workdays (they need to eat, sleep, live etc, I know they should be robots by now, I mean we have 2016 in two weeks, geesh, why is my resubmission still not online…)

Thank you all. Today I have recieved email from the reviewer, they reviewed my item within 2 days 8 hours