Results' limitation in 60 pages?

I’m sure this question is hanging in the air for many years but I didn’t find where it was discussed. So: what the beep so heavy limitation for buyers’ opportunities in search is needed for? It looks nonsense how the results are shown.

A simple example why I became so annoyed of this. I’ve just tried to find the oldest items for some request. And I cannot. :rage: There is already much more than enough disproportional priority in view for the new items. But now I see old ones fully blocked to find, no way!

All data filters are only for new uploads. One year maximum. There is no button to relist the results backward. And they all are limited by only 60 result pages. WHY!

There can be any reason to search items from the oldest. For example, a spiral return of some old trend, as it happens permanently. Or any else. Anyways: until an item is placed at the marketplace, then somewhere in the universe must be the reason to buy it, isn’t so?

But now they are fated only to rote in a grave without any chance to be found and take the servers’ resources uselessly.

The decision seems to me very simple. (In case if there is some real technical limitation to not show more than 60 pages impossible to fix).
The “sort by” menu has two buttons: arrow down by rows and up-down arrows. Both buttons weirdly work the same: show select sorter filter menu. I think one of these buttons must relist all the results backward, like it’s made everywhere else. For all filters: old-new, best-worst sellers etc. So switching it on we can find at the first page the most farther ones of ALL results, not the same that we see at 60th page when the straitward search is switched. At least it could make the search more easy and wide in limits.

Or maybe I’m missing something?

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Perhaps TL;DR and too many question marks to get an answer. Ok I shorten to single one: how to get access to the OLDEST (by data of upload) items of search results? Thanks.

hi, i don’t know what the problem is for you, as for me , what i can tell you is that i keep on selling some of my oldest items here … obviously it depends which item and when but i keep on having decent sales with the items i started with 2+ years ago … and if people can find them, this basically means that sme people can manage to access other items than the latest ones, if u know what i mean

Yes, I sell old items from time to time too, as hyperlinks, collections browsing, lucky combinations of keywords still work for them. I didn’t say they are fully locked at all. I meant some another thing: I cannot see the way to get them all easily - directly listed by upload date, (more than for one year and more than 60 pages contain.). If I need exactly the oldest ones of some requested keywords.

This question was raised when I was trying to imagine myself some “evolutional” maps. For example: how “epic trailers” or “corporate tech” were looking in 2009 and 2012. When “complextro” started to be a sellable trend on Envato… how “whoosh effect” was tendind to be named and keyworded that times… which strong trends were in graphics near before “flat” occupation.etc. etc.

For sure the buyers can have any reasons to get access to full list by date - and by any other parameter from best to worst matched. But it still doesn’t seem possible :sweat: as I do not see “list search results backward” button.