Result review Videohive

Hello, uploaded my first Ae project on VideoHive, waited two days. After the verification message disappeared, and the project did not appear in the profile, there were no messages to the mail, maybe I had a checkmark disabled in the profile, tell me how can I find out the result of the verification

There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Your item is Accepted → It appears in your portfolio
  2. Your item is Soft Rejected → It appears in the Hidden Items Tab
  3. Your item is Hard Rejected → The item disappears from queue

And if it is hard rejected, the reason can be found out?

You can showcase your rejected item here on the forum so that other authors can give you advice

Hi. In my humble opinion, I think your project was hard rejected. You should receive an email when this happens, maybe you didn’t notice it. The reason why I think it was rejected is because your work is way too basic about everything: design, motion, colors, text font, background, images placeholders, text placeholders. The best way you can see what I’m saying is checking NFT promos recently approved on Videohive.
Keep working to get the required quality level, don’t give up. Good luck! :+1:

I think you are right, thank you very much!!

You’re welcome!