Resubmit rejected track

Does anyone know if it is okay to resubmit a rejected track if I rework it? They say not to resubmit, but I am wondering if they mean do not resubmit the same exact track, or if they mean do not submit under any circumstances in perpetuity no matter what!!! LOL

This is the track that got rejected, it is only a logo!!! ??!! I thought it was good enough?? I was going to add an extra layer or two to beef it up. Any thoughts?


I think it’s fine to resubmit if you change something significantly. I suggest adding dynamics or changing the pounding drum part, it’s too in your face through the whole track. Maybe do something with the lower synth part as well.

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Yeah, it’s funny how you hear a track differently a week later. I figure adding a layer to thicken it up will take care of the drums, adding a riser, and then I’ll resubmit. Thanks.

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