Resubmit Preview After Soft Reject

Hello Guys a Quick Question,

I have a recent soft rejected project with minor issues that I’ve corrected and resubmitted. The same is pending approval. I was asked to resubmit the project without missing assets and improved Tutorial Quality.

But… Upon watching my preview I feel I had to make a better preview so here’s my question.

Can I Resubmit my preview without affecting the previous Project Zip. Can I upload only the new preview and hope the reviewer to add it but also the previous zip project or should I wait for new feedback?


Hi, I’d say wait for the project to be approved, after that you can edit it again and upload the new preview.

Can we upload a new preview ( same with additional audios ) and change the thumbnail and preview image too if it doesn’t have ratings

sure, you can change your previews as often as you like.

Thank you for sharing this information