Resubmit Hard Reject?

So I had a theme that was hard rejected. I emailed asking for feedback and got none other than to post on the forum. I posted on the forum and followed all the feedback I received.

Can I resubmit this theme now? It was originally for Ghost, but I rebuilt it in Jekyll. I imagine I can submit it in Jekyll because it’s new, but can I resubmit in Ghost? This is the Jekyll build, so there is no Author page. And I’m still working on redesigning the Contact page. Screenshots of the original hard rejected theme.

I think typography and spacing need more work:

  • Post titles should have different contrast than the excerpt paragraph and also different font.
  • Inner titles should act as hero title more bigger more weight
  • Post meta like date should also have different contrast.
  • Navigation menu looks so solid use little lighter color like #333 try to avoid the solid black color
  • Spacing between and after posts doesn’t work together.
  • Try to use logo instead of site title.

Good luck !

Yes you can post the hard rejected item again but make sure you have done changes . :slight_smile: