ReSubmission and FTP: where is my ZIP?

Hi. I needed to make corrections in my submission by adding an archive with clips to it, I did it with FTP. Here’s the question: in the edit form my file doesn`t appears. Where is it, and how to insert it into resubmission? I am sure, that archive on the server, but where exectly? I need it in edit form (where i made changes for reviewer.)

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after complete the upload using ftp refresh the add/edit form page and you should see your upload files.

DashBoard-> Profolio → click the edit in the template which you want to edit

Make sure your ftp host is
Then only you will get your ftp upload in the edit form.

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Maybe I was not entirely clear. This work has not been accepted yet, reviewer sent it back to me for correction, so it`s not in portfolio yet. I go to the edit form using the link from the mail

Did so many times, the file doesn`t apears

My ftp host is, because i uplouding to motion graphics.
What does it mean? I need to make a new submession, instead of corect this one? This is weird…

please read carefully troubleshooting guide (if you haven’t already) and work through that to see if it helps.

Allready did, but all tips in this guide are aboute how to upload with ftp. I have no problem with that, my problem is that zip-file doesn`t appears in edit form, where i need to make correction for reviewer. It apears in new form, so it would be a new submission, insted of correctons…

In this case you can try with browser upload. Because you can’t find the ftp upload in edit form and you have to update the the item for correction, it is not a new submission.

I tried with browser upload, of course… But my file over 500mb, and uploading constantly gives error. Otherwise i wouldnt use ftp at all. So, what if ill make a new submission and let know to reviewer in comments, that this is ressubmussion? Would it be wrong?

If you are doing corrections then you should use the ftp host as
Then only it will come in the edit form. The one you are using is only for new uploads in Stock Footage and Motion Graphics.

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Can i uploud motion graphic with host ?
Ok, let`s try it

Hey. you cannot upload new motion graphics uploads using this host.
But if you want to update or edit your approved or soft rejected items, you should use this host only.

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I got it, i have exactly soft rejected item.

Help me out one more time, please. Now im uploading new file, also soft rejection. I using the same host and setting, but after successful uplouding its not appears in the edit form (The page has been updated many times). In ftp client i see both lust-uplouded files on the server, but after i refresh clients window, the last one (the one that i need now) disappears(( Reuploaded file several times, still same thing happening… Can you tell, what it is?