Restore to monthly subscription

I was using elements service for $ 33 per month. But when I was using the market service, not elements service, there was an unlimited download banner about annual subscription at the top.

I had mistaken this banner for market service use. After that I made a payment, I knew that this payment is for elements service, not fot market service.

I canceled my annual subscription following the instructions in the help center.
And I got refunding this payment.

Then, how can i restore to monthly subscription?
I can’t find any button or banner about monthly subscription restoring.
There is only button for restarting annual subscription.

My help center request ticket number is 1819330.


please ask this questions in your open support ticket. elements support team will help you.

Just I thnk when you will go to restarting annual subscription then in payment option you will get monthly option to select.


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Thank you for your reply. I found that option.

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