Restore deleted Magento product


Hi guys,

I am searching for a quick advice if possible…

I accidentally deleted a product from a magento e-store, how can I quickly restore it without restoring the entire database backup? There are 2100 products, I only need the product with id=1 restored…

Any idea of how I can do that? Any Magento extension or something?


There is TrashCan… but it wont work if you deleted the product already :frowning:

Would have suggested something like mysqldump --databases X --tables Y --where=“product_id = 1” but since Magento has a complex database architecture, product info is spread across many tables. So its only going to introduce more problems.


If it’s just one product, then save yourself a million headaches and just create it again from scratch. It’ll only take 2 minutes. Fussing with DB diffs is going to wreck your week.